Interview Kuroda's living style in wig

Interview with Ms Chieko Kuroda -What a wig means to me.

I want to be natural though I enjoy having wigs.

This filming session brought the possibilities of wigs home to me once again. I do my best to stay authentic, but that doesn’t mean I should just show up as I am, no matter the situation. For example, I can’t quite call myself “natural” if I’m coordinating my outfits to match my current hairstyle. It makes me feel restricted somehow. I think, “I want to wear this style now,” or “I want to wear that outfit out on the town,” and to me, accepting those feelings is what’s authentic. That’s why I feel that using wigs to modify my hairstyle, just as I’d choose an outfit, is another little trick I can use to be authentic.

Life is wonderful with enjoyment of wigs.

I think it is not surprising that not many women like having a wig. To be frank, I didn't like having one either. But once I had it, I felt I was freer than ever. And, I can tell my life will never be quite the same again. To me, a wig is a fashion item that brings you a positive way of life. It can eliminate your complex against hairstyles or it can be a cool gadget to make you look fashionable. No matter what reasons are, a wig brings you positive values. I am not exaggerating, but a wig is a kind of beauty items that guides you to unknown worlds. Well, a lady with positive thinking always looks shinning beautifully, don't you think?

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